We offer two fill weights, creatively titled “light” and “heavy”.

Our lightweight bags are optimised for mobile shooting, whether that’s spotlighting varmints or PRS style matches. Each lightweight bag comes with a long strap to enable it to be attached to your rifle using a standard or QD sling attachment (available as an optional extra).

Our heavyweight bags are aimed more at bench and prone use, or even over the bonnet when spotlighting, where a heavier bag is preferred for stability and it isn’t as important to attach the bag to the rifle for moving around. Each heavyweight bag comes with a carry loop.

to 500D or to 1000D? That might be the question, but what does it actually mean?

Basically, the D, or Denier rating describes the thickness of the fabric and weave. So a 1000D fabric is thicker and stiffer than 500D fabric.

Generally we don’t see much difference between the two and for the purposes of creating a solid, long-lasting shooting bag, either will work just fine.

Most of our bags are constructed from 1000D Cordura, but some are 500D. Check the individual product details pages for details.

We believe our fill weight, size and attachment options should be sufficient for most shooting needs but if there is something specific you would like such as a slight change in size, different fill option, or alternative straps/handles,  please get in touch and ask.

Any customisation is done to order and may take extra time to develop so please be patient with customisation requests.

We test all our product designs to make sure they’re suitable for their intended use. Bag construction, attachments, size and weight and also straps, buckles and general design are all things we test regularly to make sure our products are suitable. Most of our testing is done privately, but we will occasionally use our prototype equipment at our local range. You’ll spot our prototypes fairly easily as they are all bright red. It seemed the easiest way to separate stock products from prototype gear!

We shoot regularly with SSAA Precision Shooting SA at the Monarto Shooting Complex in South Australia.

Come say hi if you see us!

Our Cordura and webbing is sourced from the USA, and most of our attaching hardware is sourced from either the USA or the UK. All of our products are hand made in Adelaide, South Australia.

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