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Made In Australia for Australian Shooters.

Our Promise

At TACTI-SAC we stand by our gear and its construction. 

If it breaks, we’ll fix it. 


Uses and Applications

One size really doesn’t fit all, and we don’t believe you should have to compromise your hunt or range time with the wrong equipment. That’s why we offer a range of options with all types of shooting in mind.

Our hunting bags are durable and lightweight with straps to secure them to your rifle or tripod as needed, and no noisy velcro for those in-close stalks. Our range bags are heavier to give you the stability you need, with a carry loop for moving them around. 

Buy Once, Cry Once? We have an accessory designed to fit your needs without compromising, at a price point that means you can buy without the cry. 

Shooting bag. Multicam Arid. Heavy Shooting bag.
Shooting bags Australia

Our Products

Our current range of Australian made products includes:

  • Rear Shooting Bags
  • Front Shooting bags
  • Rifle Slings
  • Dog collars and leads
  • Custom solutions
We will be expanding our range in the coming months as more designs are finalised and tested.


We selected the most durable materials we could to make sure our hand made products stand up to everything you can put them through.

From 500 and 1000 Denier Cordura for our shooting bags and pouches, to hard-wearing Mil-Spec nylon webbing for our slings and straps, our gear won’t let you down.

500D vs 1000D

500 Denier vs 1000 Denier?

Much has been said about the differences between 500D and 1000D Cordura, but which is better?

Both are made from the same material, but 500D Cordura uses a thinner yarn in the weave. This means 1000D Cordura is a little heavier and stiffer than its 500D counterpart, which is more pliable. There are slight differences in feel of the material and durability, but not enough to make a difference. 

After much product testing, we predominantly use 1000D Cordura because it is simply easier to source. Some of our patterns are only available in 500D, but mostly we use 1000D. 

Customised Solutions

Can’t see what you want? Can’t get what you need? Get in touch. Here at TACTI-SAC we can assist with getting you the bag you need for your specific application.



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